Who Are The Environmental Governing Bodies?

You may be concerned about the future of the environment, and the way that our planet is changing on a day to day basis. What, with pollution levels rocketing, smog visible to all and sundry to see just about anywhere in the world, and of course the ever growing concern of global warming and climate change as a result of all the pollution that we pump into the planet. One might want to know who the environmental governing bodies are that are in charge of the UK! This article covers just who is responsible for overseeing that the environment is kept in order.

The Environment Agency is solely responsible for keeping tabs on the environment in the UK today. They closely monitor flood warnings by working with the met office and making sure that they have regular weather updates. They are responsible for the removal of hazardous toxic waste and the registration of businesses that need to remove their waste. They are also responsible for overseeing that farms are ran correctly, and that food is in kept in compliance with the strict guidelines that are put into place.


Who Is In Charge Of Operations At The Environmental Agency?

Sir Philip Dilley is the man in charge of the operations ran by the agency. Last year alone over 50 million was injected into the correct management of the UK and of course Wales environmental situation. Making sure that things were ran effectively.

At the moment around eleven thousand staff are employed by the environmental agency in the UK and Wales. There are eight different directorates that all have to report to the chief executive and follow their instincts rigidly to make sure that the UK and Wales are clean and safe. There are 2 lead governors. One responsible for coast and flooding affairs and one that is responsible for the environment and management of businesses and their waste management programs.

What Do the Coast and Flooding Department Take Care Of?

Things like the coastal management, foreign bodies entering the food chain, and the strict fishing regulations that we have in place to ensure that not too many fish are captured and taken out of the food change, altering the sea water environment. Also, of course making sure that everyone has the correct documentation and permission when fishing, and going about their business in UK waters. This department is also responsible for the flooding of the coast in the UK and Wales, and have to work closely with the met office.

What Are The Environment And Business Management Department Responsible For?

This department make sure that local businesses are kept informed about their waste disposal that the bills that need to be paid by business are paid, in order to dispose of waste effectively. They make sure that the organisation of disposal is made. They also take care of hospitals and the correct hygiene inside medical facilities. They closely work with waste disposal companies to ensure that local communities know exactly what they can and cannot put inside bins. You may remember the local council and the boxes that they have dropped off at your home, like the boxes to put glass inside, to put aluminium inside, to put paper inside, and to put other items inside. Well these very boxes are set up by the local councils that are managed by this department.

There is also a national services delivery unit that are responsible for all national services and of course the management of the regional staff members working there. There are a lot of departments within the agency, like the legal teams, the licencing teams and of course the operating and regulatory authorities too.

The agency and workers take huge responsibility for fishing, farming, flooding and of course hospital and other medical organisations. They make sure that the water quality that reaches our taps is kept clean and above board and that the quality of air is kept to reasonable levels. This is of course not possible without local councils getting involved and the close work of other agencies like the flooding and farming groups in the UK.

So, there you have it, a little insight into the governing bodies that are controlling the environment of the UK and Wales as we know it. Without the careful and stringent work that the staff inside them do, each day we would not be able to have a clean country and one that is kept with some form of regulation and cleanliness.