How Can Technology Help To Eliminate Pollution?

Old Technology

When technology was brought on the scene to help maintain pollution, no one thought the equipment would be also causing pollution. The devices of yesteryear are responsible for emitting heat pollution into the atmosphere, which over years has helped with putting a stamp in the atmosphere. However, technology is constantly changing and the more technology evolves, the better the minds of the people that put the devices together are.

New Technology Innovations

Born this year is fabulous technology with earth friendly brains and operations. Companies today strive to be the best in the detecting and monitoring of air qualities. This means people are putting an effort into building devices which help the environment rather than help to hurt the environment. Technology is advancing to the point where a signal from an outpost will tell a monitoring station the air quality has dropped and an alert is being issued. The signal helps people understand when it is safe for kids to be outside during school breaks, when athletes should be practicing outside, when farmers should farm and so on, and so forth down the line.

There are new technologies which are important to helping other already in place technologies to reduce pollution. Process controllers like metres and sensors make production processes more efficiently and pollute less, by providing more control. With more control there is less waste and possible defects. Wastewaters could have fewer pollutants in them if centrifuges were installed; creating and helping to reduce solids in the water will lessen water pollution. Converters on engine exhaust systems and smoke stacks could be installed with catalytic styled converters to reduce air pollution on vehicles and machines. This is a fix for pre-existing technologies where the investment at the start was overwhelming and people were unable to afford a big upgrade or big change.

Technologies Designed to Protect the Environment

Business performance comes into mind when you think of technologies which are designed to aid the environment. Recycling centres are one of the big ideas in the technology field for helping the environment. With a recycling centre, companies are able to recycle old materials to extract them for newer uses, to recycle metals, plastics, wood fibres and glass. These salvaged from the dump pile are better used in new needs. With this process, the saving of manufacturing costs is an added plus. This method is gaining interest across the globe and is starting to reduce pollution in many countries.

Chemical Changes to Protect the Environment

Biology comes into play when we think about the gene-altering of plants. If scientists are able to alter the needs of plants, which are regularly attacked by bugs and pests, the need to use sprayed chemicals to defer them is eliminated.

Chemicals are in every type of business, from food manufacturing to car manufacture. The chemicals are all across the scale with environmental impacts, some are not so serious where other are dangerous and may cause a serious health problem. Currently in the development process are P2 chemicals, these are the alternate chemicals which in the future will have less devastating impacts on the environment. With the use of current technology, these products could be on store shelves sooner rather than later.

Water Filtration Technologies in a Tea Bag          

In the future you will be able to sterilise water with a tea bag. Watch out Tetley! Water pollution is a huge factor with the environment. A company has recently created a tea bag treated with a biochemical to destroy bacteria in water, any kind of water. This tea bag will be readily available to everyone in just a few short years. Technology has made it possible for the creation of this great device for people who find themselves away from a clean water supply; they now have no need to worry. The crystals in the bag attract the bacteria, thus killing it on contact.

Artificial Trees Promote Oxygen Supply

Science and technology have joined together to bring the unimaginable oxygen back to the atmosphere. The super tree, as it is known takes in on average two hundred thousand cubic metres of polluted air a day and releases nothing but pure oxygen back into the air. The super tree is a wonderful invention, which uses a water filtration system to bring in fresh, breathable air. The cost for this invention to be placed in a city is a little over one hundred thousand sterling pounds, but the results in Lima, Peru are outstanding. Cities around the world will be implementing these trees in many locations; cities that are the most affected by air pollution should be top on their lists.