How Are People’s Health’s Affected By Business Pollution?

Business pollution in the UK is a growing problem. With the population rising, so are the financial demands of people. Wherever people need to make money, you can expect business pollution alongside it!

Breathing Disorders

Living in the city poses a problem to your health when you live in and around pollution created by businesses. This means factories along the river, along the ocean edge and in the middle of the city all affect the air people breathe, by introducing contaminants into the surrounding soil, air and water. The air, which people breathe on a daily basis, is sometimes so polluted there is a haze or fog often called smog. Smog is dangerous business pollution, as people with breathing disorders will suffer with long term exposure to the contaminants. Living in the city, where there is little breeze, smog, dust and other contaminants makes it difficult for people who rely on breathing apparatuses to be able function in their daily lives. Living in these conditions pose a lifelong lung damage risk. Risks of asthma development in young children are a big threat to area schools where outside play time is part of the curriculum as air pollution is high. The biggest worry is the types of cancer which may be an end result of the manufacturing plants in the cities.

Heart Attacks

With the onslaught of companies manufacturing in the city, particles are breathed in on a daily basis, this means the unfiltered air in the city, is also causing heart attacks. Bodies develop allergies, which cause congestion, the congestion puts weight on blood pressures raising them to almost uncontrollable levels, and then the heart responds with an attack. Business pollutants are able to accumulate over days, weeks, months and years, bringing with them the possibility of raised heart problems. When people are not used to the air being jammed with unfamiliar pollutants, the body rejects them on contact with the lungs. When you are unable to draw a full breath, your body reacts in the only way it knows how, by causing you to have a heart attack.

Stress Levels Rocket Beyond Belief

The stress levels caused by the ingested particles could be from drinking or eating foods grown in contaminated areas. Business pollution is a constant threat to people who live in congested areas where visibility is less than twenty five metres. Heart disease is on the rise in areas where the smog is consistently thick. When money and care are an issue for the sick, stress becomes a large factor in the mess of things. Stress from living in the city, near manufacturing plants places a huge amount of worry on parents, neighbours and people in general. Being able to call the city home, was once a dream many people had, but now with business pollution constantly in the minds of everyone, in an unfiltered air, where you are unable to move about without covering your face and avoiding breathing in the toxins, people are now stressed to the max on where to move their families to, where to find better, cleaner air to breathe, soil to plant in and water to drink.

Poor Quality Drinking Water

When the supply of fresh clean drinking water diminishes to not nearly enough to go around to the people; it’s time to panic. When businesses use the water supply for manufacturing there is sometimes no filter on the water which returns to the river. The contaminants inside the water are very harmful to the human body. Water becomes non-potable, which means you are unable to drink the water in the river. Filtering companies do a good job of filtering out most of the chemical remains in the water, but sometimes small amounts of the chemical still reside in the water causing problems when it is ingested. Chronic vomiting is one side effect of contaminated water. Chronic runs and unable to keep anything in your stomach is another effect of bad water. When there isn’t fresh water, there are not people to live in the city, thus the threat of mass deaths is possible if fresh water is not available to everyone.

Poorly Grown Food

People die daily from contaminated foods, such as fruits and vegetables grown in soil that is contaminated with business pollution. Airborne pollutants land on the ground; they are invisible to farmers who till the soil to prepare for the next season. Root vegetables are often more of a problem than fruits, but both can be contaminated based on the water used and the soil in which they are grown within. People who live in a heavily contaminated area due to businesses which use manufacturing as their main source of prosperity should be ordered to filter all air being released into the atmosphere.

So there you have it, just a few of the long term effects that business pollution causes us to have.