Help Available For Businesses to Reduce Pollution

In the UK alone each year we produce over 177 million tonnes of waste. If you are running a business in the UK there are strict rules and regulations that are set into place to ensure that you do not damage the environment and that you do not produce waste that is damaging to the country. Luckily there is help for business owners to achieve this goal, and the government help out a lot to make the country a cleaner, safer place.

Local Councils Play a Huge Role

First of all the local councils make sure that businesses recycle a proportion of what they use. This includes batteries, packaging, cars, trucks, and electrical items. There are a number of local tips at hand where business owners can dispose of these items safely and effectively.

The government work with the staff at waste disposal units to make sure that it is very easy for small businesses to be able to obtain vital information about how they can reduce the amount of waste that is produced during working hours. Also, that they can dispose of it easily by using appropriate recycling programs, this goal is easily reached by the local council staff that are responsible for doing so.

Carrier Bag Restrictions and Fees

A lot of regulations have been put into place whereby if you use more than one carrier bag, you will be charged for it. Staff at checkouts are asked to encourage people to purchase the recyclable bags and they are told to very carefully distribute plastic bags, encouraging people not to use more than one when they shop by adding the charge for extra ones onto the shopping bill. The standard charge for plastic bags after the first one is now a standard 5p per bag, and this money is an optional donation from businesses to put back into the local community to help to improve the environment for business owners and locals living in the area.

Helpful Information Is Made Readily Available To Business Owners

The environment agency offers a lot of information to local businesses to make sure that they understand the implications of their actions and services on the environment. This information is obtainable from citizen’s advice bureaus, it can be found online and of course at local council offices in pamphlet form.

 The UK Government Will Inject a Huge Lump Sum to Improve the Environment

At the moment the government have pledged 3.2 billion pounds to be injected to local councils in order to make sure that the environmental waste is kept to an all-time low. It is a matter of taking small baby steps that lead to larger life changes.

If business owners work side by side with the government and responsible agencies then waste pollution will be cut. It is about realising that today’s bread and butter can indeed be tomorrow’s downfall of our children and grandchildren. Today we can make a few quick pounds by selling a cheap item at a profit, but tomorrow that very item may have helped to contribute towards polluting the environment that our children play in, contaminating the air and emitting potentially harmful toxins to the environment.

I Run A Local Business- How Can I Find Out What Help Is Available?

If you are a local business owner you may very well be wondering how you can find out what help is on offer to you. It is very simple. If you do not want to call your local council or research online, get in touch with your local citizens advice bureau. There are a lot of citizens advice bureaus that have been set up to help people access important information and get help where they need it the most.

The volunteers inside will be able to find out the ins and outs of the help on offer that can help your business in terms of reducing environmental waste, and making sure that you comply with the guidelines put into place by the government. The staff will be able to make calls to the responsible agencies and clarify just where and how you can get the help on offer. It may very well be the case that you qualify for a grant from the government.

So, there you have some information on the help that is available on offer for local businesses to help reduce their environmental waste. Also of course where you can get the help that you need!